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Hannah Salama (Mrs Hannah Salama Dip HE nursing, INP, RGN)

After having worked for the largest national cosmetic non surgical provider in the UK for 8 years as a senior manager and company trainer, Hannah is now an advanced practitioner, Independent and supplementary Nurse Prescriber and a leader in the field of innovative non surgical aesthetics.

Hannah’s knowledge of non surgical treatments and long standing experience in injectable procedures has meant that she has trained and developed nurses nationwide, to safely and effectively treat thousands of patients. Hannah is dedicated to providing all patients with individual, holistic treatment pathways to exceed the patients expectations as well as meeting their budget and time frame.

Hannah is trained in the advanced administration of Botox and Dermal fillers, stimulating fillers, Derma-pen, Derma-roller, Mesotherapy, skin peels, Plasma skin rejuvenation therapy and also has a superb knowledge of the skin and its continued health.

Clare McKenna (Miss Clare McKenna, BSC hons, Dip N, INP, RGN, BACN)

Clare has been a senior manager within one of the largest cosmetic/non-surgical providers in the UK for 16 years.
Responsible for the setting up of many new clinics throughout the country she has been responsible for the training and assessing of many health care professionals in the field of non surgical solutions.

She has consulted, advised and treated hundreds of patients with the most appropriate non-surgical treatments for them and has many testimonials as to the wonderful results she has achieved.

Clare is an Independent/Supplimentery Nurse prescriber who is qualified to run non-surgical clinics from client consultation taking the patient through their non-surgical medical treatment pathway.

Clare is trained in both basic and advanced techniques of administering Anti wrinkle injections, Dermal fillers including the 8 point lift, Derma pen (the very latest EDS system), Derma-roller, Mesotherapy, skin peels, the latest Plasma rejuvenation therapy plus many more.

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